Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The smoke and burn.

On our travels in the Ayr area in Queensland had to stop and take photo of this Australian Scene.
This taken with my phone camera.

Whilst in Ayr many cane farmers were burning their sugar cane.  Burning it leaves less rubbish and gets rid of the unwanted debris, it allows the next crop to be sewn quicker instead of waiting for the sugar companies removal.
Burning of cane has it's rules, don't burn between 10am and 2pm.  Neighbours are to be informed of the pending burn, they are just a couple of rules.

Each morning there was fine black ash covered our vehicle which we left there, if a little breeze it all came off with no harm to the paintwork, going for a drive it came off.  Amazing as Mr. B was concerned about the paintwork.

We set out one evening to see if we could find cane burning, plenty of smoke in the sky, many roads to travel but never found the cane burning but took these photos

Monday, 27 March 2017

Plantation Park, Ayr

On Tuesday Cyclone Debbie is expected to hit Townsville!  Hope everyone will be safe.

On the way up to Cairns we stayed in Ayr as we did on the way back down the East Coast of Australia, Winter 2016.
There was a gorgeous diamond ring in a jewelers shop in Ayr rather pricey but it was simplistic and took a lot of will power by me not to buy it.

Link to previous post about Ayr and photos and Another link 

Went for a drive whilst staying in Ayr, Queensland and on a corner is this lovely park called
Plantation Park is of a great significance to the Juru people who wandered this district for thousands of years before European settlement - children were born on the banks of the creek, Elders were buried here and ceremonies held.

Gubulla Mundo (Carpet Snake) is the Aboriginal Totem and the protective Spirit for the Biri Gubba people.  It's construction on this site is for the honoring of this sacred burial site where many Aboriginals ancestors are buried.

The Carpet Snake at the park. 
Across to the left of the photo is a big parking area.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

More Buildings-Streets in Townsville, Queensland.

On a Sunday when in Townsville we walked a few streets in Townsville in Winter 2016.
The below house looks over the sea, can't imagine living in it.

The main street in the city - remembering it was Sunday

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Castle Hill, Townsville

Castle Hill is 286 meter (938 ft) above sea level in Townsville, Queensland, great view and good for walking if you are inclined.
The first photo is taken from the carpark, the remainder is the view.